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About us

GPUnity is a Seattle-based company building software solutions for GPU-based tasks like mining, video-rendering and machine learning.


Mining Optimizer

GPUnity MiningOptimizer was designed to increase mining returns in a 30-50% range by autonomously switching GPU miners to mine the most profitable digital asset based on the current pricing and difficulty data.


GPUnity AIOptimizer was designed to optimize the deployment of AI/HPC tasks across a decentralized GPU network with a focus on efficiency and accessibility of AI and HPC workflow.

Video Rendering

We are equipped to distribute video rendering tasks to our decentralized GPU network.

Meet Our Team

Find out about the faces behind GPUnity and meet our eclectic team of tech professionals who take their passion for cryptocurrency and blockchain seriously.
Ellen Polsky CEO
Leon Rosenberg CTO
Vlad Shestakov COO
Bernhard Kühbeck VP of Business Development
Mark Francis CFO
Vince Chan CSO

What our core clients say?

I run a mining farm in Eastern Quebec, Canada and luckily met Bernhard from MiningOptimizer at a conference in Switzerland where he introduced me to their software.

When I got home I decided to try out MiningOptimizer and so far I am very happy. They were really quick to respond and very professional in handling everything. Onboarding went smoothly and whenever I had a question, it was immediately addressed by either one of their technicians or Bernhard himself.

So far I’m a big fan, there is hardly any downtime for my cards and I was able to up my profit without really any work on my side involved.

Alexandre Clébrosse Client

I have NVIDIA cards and have been mining for quite some time. I installed MiningOptimzer out of curiosity and am more than satisfied with the outcome. I must say that the guys at MiningOptimizer are fast to reply, easy to talk to and they really are on top of things. Since I have installed the software they have been adding new lucrative coins, which would have completely escaped me. As soon as Grin’s Cuckatoo 31 was launched MiningOptimizer immediately changed the algorithm to the new version and that put a considerable amount of $ into my pockets, as they were one of the first ones to do so.

Rashid Singh Client

We have a mining facility in Upstate New York and have been using the MiningOptimizer software pretty much since they were introduced to the market six months ago. What we like must about it is that it really is hassle free. Mining is automated and new coins and algorithms are added automatically. This really frees up a lot of time. So thumbs up to you guys from MiningOptimizer.

Michael Thomson Client

Thank you everybody at MiningOptimizer. I have been using your software for 3 months now and I am very satisfied with its service. The most important feature for me is the reporting. Whenever a coin is mined, I can look at the “comining” feature, which indicates what I would have made mining other coins. This way I can always monitor whether MiningOptimizer is mining the most lucrative coins for me. This is the feature I missed most using whattomine as I was kept in the dark whether the mined coin was really the best one to mine or if another one would have been better.

Mats Visser Client